The Secret to Good Secrets Management for the Enterprise and Cloud

The Secret to Good Secrets Management for the Ente...


The Secret to Good Secrets Management for the Enterprise and Cloud

by Chris Zanelli
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The Secret to Good Secrets Management for the Enterprise and Cloud

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What is Secrets Management?

Why is it so important to the digital enterprise to have a rationalized Secrets Management strategy for the Enterprise and Cloud? In this paper, we discuss key considerations and positioning for centralized management of secrets for humans and systems.

Organizations have been managing identities and privileged access management to infrastructure and applications for decades but are now finding themselves making new investments and strategic changes to the end-to-end lifecycle management of secrets and enactment of policies.

The dynamic nature of DevOps pipelines and the ephemeral environments favored for their efficient consumption of resources require system users and orchestration engines to perform entitled activities that were traditionally handled by human users, at an order of magnitude more frequently with response times measured in milliseconds.

More than ever, service transactions are occurring outside of ‘the 4 walls’ of any given enterprise and the traditional safeguards and risk mitigation strategies that are inherent in a trusted perimeter are no longer applicable. While for the business ‘the show must go on’, in the highly regulated environments of Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, and Governmental organizations there is little appetite to alter the acceptable risk tolerances around access management, secure operations, confidentiality and data privacy. Simply put, failure to secure resources and data will likely get you on the front page of the news, with severe legal, financial and reputational consequences.

Managing secrets in a decentralized model, without sufficient governance and monitoring, is highly vulnerable to over-privilege abuses, cyber-attacks and operational blindness. The continual stream of high-profile data breaches and ransomware attacks have only added urgency to the need for centralizing the strategy around Secrets Management for the Enterprise and Cloud.

In order to adequately assure, monitor and secure the inevitable proliferation of secrets and the implementation of management solutions across the Enterprise it is necessary to centralize, standardize and govern use and avoid the product sprawl that would otherwise complicate management, maintenance and ability to secure.

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The Secret to Good Secrets Management for the Enterprise and Cloud


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