Enterprise Infrastructure is going Agile

Enterprise Infrastructure is going Agile


Enterprise Infrastructure is going Agile

by Chris Allison
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Enterprise Infrastructure is going Agile

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About the Author

Infrastructure operating models have typically followed the Plan-Build-Run model (otherwise known as ‘Plan-Build-Operate’) over the last two decades but it is synonymous with ‘Waterfall’ processes, and friction has been increasing with business-aligned application teams as they have embraced Agile. Forward-thinking firms are now re-organizing their infrastructure teams around end-to-end product ownership in a ‘Customer-Centric’ model as they start to embrace Agile. But many leaders are finding it difficult to let go of the stability and control that the Plan-Build-Run model has provided.

Technology infrastructure departments for large corporates typically have thousands of staff, especially the larger banks we deal with so finding an efficient model can have a direct impact on share price. Getting the operating model right can also be the difference between accelerating or stalling your firm’s digital transformation.

In this white paper, we answer the following questions:

  1. What is the role of the enterprise infrastructure function in a Cloud 1st organization?
  2. What is the Plan-Build-Run model and why is it no longer optimal?
  3. What is the Customer-Centric model?
  4. Are you on the right track?

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