Military Veterans are Welcome at Citihub Digital

Military Veterans are Welcome at Citihub Digital


Military Veterans are Welcome at Citihub Digital

Military Veterans are Welcome at Citihub Digital

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This Memorial Day, when the rest of the United States of America will pay tribute to the military personnel who have fallen while serving the United States Armed Forces, Citihub honors its very own military veteran and Associate Partner, Steve Bullwinkel.

Serving the US Marine Corps from Feb 1979 to Feb 1985 and attaining the rank of Sergeant as an Avionics Technician, Steve served most of his military career at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma in Arizona.

sargeant steve bullwinkel
Sgt. Steve Bullwinkel, US Marine Corps (Feb 1979 to Feb 1985)

His desire to serve his country was inspired from the life experiences of his parents, both of whom had individually emigrated to the United States in search of a better life. He chose to join the Marines because of its reputation as a small, tough, and elite team. Steve candidly confesses, “what 18-year old man couldn’t use a bit more discipline, found in abundance in Parris Island?”

It was because of his interest in both aviation and electronics that led him to choose Avionics as an occupation specialty, working as a technician for the radar system of the F-4 Phantom II aircraft. However, he admits, that it was the personal relationships and connections built that was the most rewarding aspect of his time at MCAS Yuma.

Steve transitioned into civilian life (and the Financial Services Industry) thanks to a Staff Sergeant who mentored and introduced him to the people he would work for, supporting the backroom systems that powered Wall Street in the 1980’s. It was the time spent in his military career that challenged and gave him the skills that he would find useful later in his life.

His electronics experience and introduction to digital computing provided him the foundation for what would become a 35-year (and still counting) career in the building and supporting of computer systems, networking and applications that provide the functionality that the financial industry of America runs on. Steve has been fortunate to work with technologies that have evolved from hardware-specific servers to virtual servers running Open Source software that all began with a Basic Electricity and Electronics course a young Marine took back in 1979.

We asked Steve how he would celebrate Memorial Day in 2020. He replied, “Celebrating Memorial Day is usually a peaceful time spent at home with the obligatory BBQ, friends and a hammock. While I have never been in harm’s way myself, I am deeply appreciative and respectful of the many sacrifices my brothers and sisters have made over the years. I spend time over the weekend walking quietly through the flags placed to remember them by.”

What advice would he give to someone leaving the military and entering civilian life? “Leverage the personal relationships you formed in the military and take advantage of the groups available to help, such as Veterans on Wall Street (VOWS). Know that your skills and experience are valued on Wall Street and held in high regard.”

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