Bobby Ip: Road to Becoming Partner

Bobby Ip: Road to Becoming Partner


Bobby Ip: Road to Becoming Partner

Bobby Ip: Road to Becoming Partner

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From joining Citihub Digital as Senior Consultant in 2010 to being promoted to Partner early this year, we look back at Bobby Ip’s career journey in the last decade.

After graduating from New York University at the turn of the new millennium, Bobby joined JPMorgan Chase as Systems Specialist. From then on, he moved to other similarly sized financial institutions building his tech experience from the ground up.

“Looking back at my career, I never imagined that I would one day become Partner at a global firm like Citihub,” Bobby reveals. “From an early age, I had the mentality that hard work will lead to positive results.” This couldn’t be truer with his stint at Citihub. “I’ve been grateful for the challenging opportunities the firm has provided me; client engagements that have been transformational with impactful results. This allowed me to both build great and lasting relationships with people I would not have had the chance to meet otherwise; and, expand my skillset beyond what I would have typically been involved if I were working for a siloed department in a very large firm.”

Getting to where he is now was no easy feat. He attributes the foundation of this journey to two of the most important lessons his manager at his first real engineering post taught him at the early stage of his career: accountability and transparency. In addition, Bobby believes that his professional progression was earned through focusing on client delivery while taking on more internal responsibilities – from business development to mentoring and line management.

Resting on laurels, not

“Success in not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” Bobby echoes one of the famous lines of Winston Churchill, whom he looks up to as a powerful leader but also as a complex and compassionate person. As Partner, Bobby shares that the most challenging part of what he does is keeping up with the latest trends and technologies while gaining enough expertise to properly advise clients. Admittedly, this takes him countless hours to continually upskill while working full time on internal and external projects. However, the most rewarding part of it all is when he sees a colleague or client succeed or get recognition for a piece of work that he has contributed to.

Bobby with wife and kids taking a break at the slopes

Finding balance

When Bobby is not architecting solutions for clients, he architects the perfect recipe for a weekend family brunch. A self-confessed outdoor enthusiast, you’ll find him and his family on the ski slopes in Wintertime. In Spring, you’ll find him starting a woodworking project in his garage. In Summer, when not playing golf, you’ll find him at the beach. In Fall, he’ll either be hiking, camping or fishing. All year round, though, he is grateful that Citihub encourages him to live a full life outside work.

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