Digital User Experience

Digital User Experience

Case Study

Digital User Experience

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Customer Challenge

The board of a leading global investment bank challenged their technology management team to transform their end user technologies into an efficient digital user experience. In particular, they wanted to:

  • improve the support, attraction and retention of talent;
  • enable changes in the way they were working internally (more Agile); and
  • update the way they were communicating with clients (increased use of online channels).

Citihub were engaged to help modernize the way their end users engage with IT, empowering them to lead conversations about their digital user experience.

How Citihub Helped

Citihub worked with the existing tech-aligned product managers and with a new user experience product manager to implement a framework to understand and improve user experience.

Business Engagement

  • A new governance and business engagement structure was established to understand current experience issues and the opportunities to feed product selection and improvement.
  • The taxonomy for the group was reinvented to move away from product language and represent the portfolio in terms of needs and experience.
  • Personas were developed to better understand needs and the digital user experience requirements were translated into agile-style Epics and user stories.

Capability Roadmaps

  • A new level of strategic material was introduced to articulate plans at a capability level vs a product level. The key artefact was a series of capability roadmaps that were user-readable making it clear how the digital user experience would change over time.

Experience Measurement

  • A method was introduced and piloted to break down the digital user experience into a repeatable measurement framework. Plans presented to extend this into productivity analysis and improvement tracking.


Improved business relationships
Shifting the dialogue to being experience-centric and setting up structured business forums, this led to better relationships with business lines. This quickly reduced the amount of management noise and instance reports.

Better understanding of business value and technology investment priorities
By understanding the digital user experience in the business context of technology use, the management team now have a more informed discussion around prioritization of budget and resources.

Reduction in time spent dealing with fire-drills
Through the creation of rich strategy material and capability roadmaps that are experience focused, the management team is able to provide a level of detail that was previously missing or misinterpreted. This stopped the constant need for new communications and management fire-drills.

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